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PBR/R-Panels | Metal Roofing & Metal Wall Panels

R panel is the nicest panel available for the least amount of money. A metal roof installation on a home or business is a smart investment in regions with volatile weather. Persistent rain and wind can damage typical shingled roofs, requiring costly repairs almost every year. Our R-Panel metal roofing and siding, often referred to as a Purlin Bearing Rib (PBR) Panels, are a low-maintenance, durable alternative to conventional roofing and adds extra protection against the elements by including a purlin bearing leg that overlaps between panels sealing out moisture and wind. These panels can be installed either on a solid substrate or open framing such as metal purlins or wood support beams. In addition, these panels are made locally in our Phoenix, Arizona location.

For construction projects that require low cost metal roofing materials, Metal for Roofing offers several exposed fastener metal roofing panel options that is suitable for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential settings. Our metal R-Panels are easy to install using self-drilling fasteners and can also be used as siding for wall, interior, and linear panel applications. R-panel is great for self-storage buildings, as equipment screens, for architectural accents, as decorative fencing, as a textured ceiling, or even as an interior wall treatment. In many cases, you will see our metal PBR Panels being used horizontally in the architectural community and positioned vertically in the commercial and agricultural industries. No matter how you plan to use your metal roofing panels, feel comfortable knowing, when you order from metal from roofing, there is no middle man. We are the manufacturer of Metal R-Roofing Panels & Siding. We sell direct to all general contractors, roofing companies, and homeowners.

Metal Roof Design Ideas

R-Panel is easy to install and can be used in a variety of applications including roofing and siding material for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential projects.
    • Exterior applications: Total roofing area, an accent to a roof in conjunction with other architectural elements of design, metal siding, decorative fencing, restaurants, movie sets and much more.
    • Interior applications: Focal point or backdrops such as backsplash in a bath or kitchen, textured ceiling, and a wall treatment.

Ordering Information

Excellent customer service is important to us. When you place your order with Western States Metal Roofing you can expect the following:
    • Knowledgeable Sales Associates - Helpful and friendly sales associates that will answer all of your questions.
    • Made to Order Panels - We cut your metal roofing and metal siding panels to the exact lengths needed.
    • Fast Turnaround - Typical two-week maximum lead times. However, if you need it quicker, we normally can accommodate just about any completion schedule.
    • Local Company - We are located in Phoenix, Arizona. Metal roofing panels are available for Will Call.
    • Affordable Shipping - Immediate and inexpensive shipping within Arizona and elsewhere.

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